The inseparaple wear protection

WokaTEC-coatings constitute a guaranteed inseparaple melting compound with the base material.

Preferred applications:

  • mechanical wear parts,
  • stamping-,bending-,traction-,cutting and pressing tools,
  • surgery instruments,
  • parts which are use without lubrication

Advantages of our established technology:

  • minimal heating
  • no distortion
  • no loss of hardness of the base material
  • maximum grip because of a friction coefficient between 0,5 and 0,6
  • good sliding with our P5 coating - can be used without lubricant
  • coating thickness can be adjusted depending on the application
  • fractional coating is possible

Further advantages:

  • hardness of the electrodes: 80 HRC
  • improvement of the adhesive and abrasive wear protection
  • high temperature resistance (> 1500 °C)
  • easily, partially coating of devices
  • areas which are difficult to access can be coated
  • good corrosion protection also with high temperature
  • all conductive base materials can be coated (excepted cooper and cooper alloys)

Our service includes:

  • short time of delivery
  • after agreement locally coating is possible
  • complete solution (manufacture of parts and devices + coating for wear protection)
  • polishing of the coated parts